Video of Pufferfish Eating a Snake, Scorpion and Centipede is Scary! Know How Can This Fish Eat Anything
Pufferfish gobbling upon a snake, scorpio and a centipede (Photo credits: Video grab)

We have heard to some dangerous aquarium fishes who cannot be kept with any other species, but a pufferfish is definitely a nightmare. Carnivorous aquarium fishes are common, but not a pufferfish, it will haunt you with its eating abilities. Also called the balloon fish because of the shape it takes, they have large teeth and they apparently keep on growing. The teeth are known for crushing hard shells of crustaceans and mollusks, which is why they can eat even a scorpion with much ease. A video of a pufferfish gorging upon a centipede, scorpion and a snake was shared on the internet and it has no wonder, gone viral. Shocking Video of Giant Python Eating an Indonesian Woman Will Freak You Out: Disturbing Images of Human Body Found in Big Snake’s Belly. 

A Twitter user shared a video of a pufferfish with an apt caption, 'A puffer fish will eat all your nightmares.' It is scary how the pufferfish gulps down upon the scorpion and the snake within seconds. The video has got close to 6 million views, 10 lakh plus retweets since it was shared just a few days ago.

Take a look at the pufferfish eating a centipede, scorpion and snake with ease:

The user then went on to explain how the fish is capable of doing so. He put a series of tweets explaining the structure of the dangerous fish.

In case you were wondering how a puffer fish is able to eat these things, this is it's mouth:

These fishes prefer to be alone and like hard food, their teeth also never stop growing as he mentions. The user also urged people not to get this as a pet just because they found the video 'cool.' These fishes can pretty much eat whatever is thrown at them. They can eat up corals as well, how much ever tough they are. Most of these fishes are not only toxic but among the most poisonous vertebrates in the world.