Just two weeks after the first partial Solar Eclipse for the year 2022, the first Lunar Eclipse is all set to take place. The astronomical event will be a total lunar eclipse, wherein the Earth lines up between the Moon and the Sun and hides the Moon from the sunlight. Due to this disposition of the planets, the only light that reaches the Moon's surface is from the edges of the Earth's atmosphere which reflects in a glowing red colour from the moon. Thence, it is also called Blood Moon. Stargazers can witness the Lunar Eclipse 2022 on Monday, May 16, the same day as Buddha Purnima. The Chandra Grahan will be a total lunar eclipse, this year, so some will see the eclipse better than others, depending on location. May 2022 Holidays Calendar With Major Festivals & Events: Check Date Sheet of All Important Dates And Indian Bank Holidays for The Month.

Lunar Eclipse 2022 Visibility And Timing

The total Lunar Eclipse will begin at 07:02 Am, IST and end at 12:20 Pm, IST. But sadly for the astronomy enthusiasts, the Chandra Grahan will not be visible in India. But one can watch the live streaming of the celestial event on Youtube Channels and on the official social media pages of NASA. The lunar eclipse will be visible in total phase from portions of the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, Africa and the East Pacific. A penumbral eclipse where the edge of Earth's shadow will fall over the moon will be visible in New Zealand, eastern Europe and the Middle East.

As per the Hindu scriptures, a Chandra Grahan is when the demon god known as Rahu holds the Sun and the Moon by the mouth. And since, he’s a ‘demon’, the celestial occurrence emits a lot of negative energy. Therefore, people avoided eating and sleeping during the eclipse. After May, the second Lunar Eclipse will take place on November 8, 2022. For all the astronomy enthusiasts note that it is safe to view the upcoming Blood Moon with the unaided eye. Also, binoculars and telescopes enhance the view but aren’t required necessarily.

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