Mumbai, January 25: Spotify. the popular audio streaming and media service provider announced to launch in-app purchases for European customers' subscriptions. Spotify in-app purchases will begin from March 7, 2024. According to the report, the strategic move by the music streaming platform was aimed at sidestepping Apple's 30% fee for in-app purchases through its App Store.

According to the report by The Verge, Apple's app store policies made it difficult for the apps to sell their digital services and goods on their own terms; however, with the introduction of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in Europe, which reportedly clamps down the anti-competitive practices by the big tech companies. The new DMA law in Europe prohibits 'gatekeeper' services such as Apple's App Store, which charges fees from the apps to promote their products and services. Apple App Store: Apple Plans New Fees and Restrictions for Downloads Outside App Store in Europe According to Digital Markets Act.

Spotify Announcement To Launch In-App Purchases in EU:

On January 24, 2024, Spotify published a post saying, "What's one of the top complaints about Spotify? It's something that has been outside our control until now: the ability to seamlessly subscribe to and buy things through Spotify on your iPhone." Spotify's post further said that on March 7, things would change for the people living in the European region. The post also stated that Spotify would become "a whole lot better", giving more opportunities for developers and creators. 

The 9to5mac reported on "Apple's anti-competitive behaviour" that Apple Music had an unfair advantage over Spotify as it came pre-installed in iPhones and had a built-in subscription. Spotify users could not do this as Apple would charge 30% as a subscription in the first year. The situation between Spotify and Apple has reportedly been a source of contention for an extended period. Microsoft Reaches 'USD 3 Trillion' Market Cap For First Time in Its 48-Year History, Becomes Second Company After Apple.

According to other reports, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticised Apple's App Store policies and fee structure on January 24. The CEO stated, "We've always been interested in helping developers distribute their apps..." Further, he said that the developers deserve more ways to provide the app to the users who want them. 

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