Abdullah Hassan Esmael Albruch, the digital currency advocate in the Arab region and "Pioneer of Bitcoin in the Middle East", strategically invested in PRIME TECH GLOBAL Group, a cryptocurrency-based crude oil futures fund which will be launched for public subscription in 2021.

According to official sources, Abdullah Hassan Esmael Albruch and several royal family members of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) invested a large amount of funds, successfully launching Prime Tech Global (PTG) to Dubai. In order to meet the growing market demand, PTG will launch an innovative cryptocurrency-based crude oil futures fund for investors in 2021.

Abdullah Hassan Esmael Albruhi was born in Dubai. He graduated from King Saud University with degrees in international finance and economics. His has expertise in capital management and derivatives trading. The financial professional team led by him has achieved outstanding results in the field of crude oil futures trading in the Arab region. After more than ten years of crude oil trading, he was given the title "The Pioneer of Crude Oil Trading". He is widely trusted by royal family members and crude oil tycoons in the Arab region, with the accumulated wealth under management exceeds billions of dollars.

In addition to his experience in the field of crude oil trading, Abdullah is also the earliest advocate and trader of BTC in the Middle East. He strongly supports the value of encrypted assets. In the past three years, he has managed more than tens of thousands of BTC assets, earning extremely high levels for three consecutive years revenue and good market reputation.

It is believed that in 2021 Abdullah will lead the PTG team and look forward to achieving excellent results in the pace of global expansion.

PTG is a crude oil fund trading company dedicated to building an automated trading system powered by data-driven quantitative analysis to achieve stable and sustainable returns. According to PTG's annual financial report, the annualized rate of return of the beta crude oil futures digital fund managed by PTG in 2020 is 468%.

Over the years, as one of the most important products in the global futures market, the trading volume of crude oil futures market has continued to grow. Statistics shows that in the past ten years, the daily trading volume of the futures market has increased by more than 40%. The annual trading volume of the 2020 global futures market has exceeded 1.2 billion lots.

PTG is established and operated in Dubai, under the supervision of the National Futures Association of the United States and Fintrac Money Services Business of Canada. As a strong economy, the daily crude production volume in the UAE is ranked the first place in the world. The UAE has recently launched a blockchain strategy, determined to become one of the advanced countries in the field of blockchain technology, making the UAE one of the free markets for cryptocurrency financial transactions.

Abdullah Hassan Esmael Albruch has led the PTG team to complete numerous investment cases over the past months. It is believed that the innovative SSQ-BHM model digital crude oil futures fund will provide more market investors with trading value and technical consulting services. PTG will soon become the one of the most experienced online trading service providers in the Middle East.

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