Aahana Kumra's SHOCKING Experiences with Sajid Khan and Anirban Blah Will Make You Thank the Ongoing #MeTooIndia Movement!
Aahana Kumra's SHOCKING Experiences with Sajid Khan and Anirban Blah Will Make You Thank the Ongoing #MeTooIndia Movement!

Ever since the #Metoo and #TimesUp campaign began to have a strong foothold in India, we have had the veil taken off some of the most respected celebs in India and being shown how vile they can be when it comes to respecting the female gender. Two such ousted celebs happen to be director and former television host Sajid Khan and celebrity talent management Kwan founder Anirban Blah. Following accusations from multiple women, Sajid and Anirban have been shown the door by their respective companies; in Sajid's case, he was replaced as the directed by Farhad Samji in Housefull 4.

Now Lipstick in My Burkha actress Aahana Kumra has some shocking experiences about both Sajid and Anirban to share in an interview she gave to Bombay Times.  She was talking about any such #MeToo experiences she faced in Bollywood. Talking about Sajid, Aahana revealed, "Sajid Khan once messaged me, ‘Oh, you can look hot in a bikini also!’ I think it shocked him that I could look good in a bikini. This was after our meeting."

Her ordeal with Sajid didn't end there. Aahana also revealed an incident where Sajid asked her if she is willing to have sex with a dog with he gave her Rs 100 crore! Aahana said, "I had a meeting with Sajid Khan about a year ago, knowing the fact that he is a shady guy. I met him and he did the same thing that Saloni (Chopra) has written about him. Same drill — you go to his house, you are escorted to his room which is pretty dark. He makes you watch what he’s watching. He did not make a pass at me, but he said that he wanted to get to know me. When I asked him why we can’t sit outside, he said his mother was sitting there so why trouble her. I asked him to switch on the lights of the room, which he did. You have to be assertive here. He wanted to chat with me. I told him my mom’s a police officer which I think made him behave. But he still asked me bizarre questions like, ‘Would you have sex with a dog if I gave you 100 crores’? He didn’t touch me. I guess he was trying to give me gyaan on how I need to be a dumbf*** or laugh at his sexist jokes, if I wanted to be a mainstream heroine in his films. He implied that I think too much and that I am too vocal about what I think. Hence, I am not mainstream actress material."

About Anirban Blah, Aahan had this to share with the readers, "Talent managers like Anirban Blah speak horribly to aspiring actresses. What is wrong with these men? Anirban Blah met me at the lobby of a five-star hotel and said, ‘There’s a room here. Let’s negotiate there.’ I walked out of that meeting because I wasn’t comfortable. It didn’t go down well with me. That’s ‘normal’ conversation he has with women. The day I chatted with him, I was shaken."

When asked about why the delay in talking about her ordeal, Aahan replied, "I wanted to talk about my experience with Anirban and Sajid earlier, but their stories came out, and though they tried, they couldn’t misbehave with me. Some of us are looking for a simple, ‘Sorry’. It’s not about wanting to punish someone by putting him behind bars. It is about letting people know what he/she did. Those who are guilty should accept it. I read Anirban’s letter and I am glad that at least he accepted it."

Apart from Sajid and Anirban, other Bollywood celebs who have been accused of sexual misbehaviour are Nana Patekar, Subhash Ghai, Vikas Bahl, Anu Malik, etc.