Anurag Kashyap Reveals They Suspended Vikas Bahl After the Entire Incident, Says He Was the One Who Revealed His Name Publicly Over a Year Ago
Filmmakers Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Vikas Bahl and Madhu Mantena decide to part ways and dissolve their production company Phantom Films. (Photo Credit: File Image)

Vikas Bahl's sexual abuse case is disheartening and alarming at the same time! it's ironic how a director who earlier gave us a movie like on woman empowerenment - Queen is accused of harassing the same gender. The saga to reveal this harsh truth started when Huffington Post carried an article about a woman employee working with Phantom Films was harassed sexually. She accused the director and also a partner in Phantom productions, Vikas Bahl, of sexual abuse and how her earlier complaints with the management then fell on deaf ears. While filmmakers and actors are strongly condemning this entire episode, director Anurag Kashyap has sought an apology for 'signing a contract and legal deeds' that had no provision to sack a naming partner on the grounds of misconduct. Kangana Ranaut Accuses Queen Director Vikas Bahl, Says, 'He’d Bury His Face in My Neck.

The Black Friday director took to his Twitter account to narrate what exactly happened when the victim informed the management about Vikas' behaviour. According to Kashyap, Vikas was suspended and barred from even entering their work premises. He (Anurag) even anonymously revealed his name to a media house, which then carried a front page article exposing his dark side over a year ago. He did whatever he could but since the contract had no provision of sacking him for misconduct, there was nothing more he could do to help. Hansal Mehta Quits Twitter After He Gets Massively Trolled for His Tweets on Vikas Bahl.

Anurag is ashamed and feels sorry for the victim. However, he is confident enough that anything of this sorts would never happen on his work premises ever again.