Priyanka Chopra’s Chic Black Outfit Gets Trolled for All the Wrong Reasons and It’s Not Funny
This Priyanka Chopra outfit gets trolled for wrong reasons (Pic Credit: Twitter)

It was a big deal when Priyanka Chopra mingled with supermodel Irina Shayk at the Daily Front Row Awards a couple of days back. The night when she decided to shine bright in a sexy black crop top with a suspended loop skirt from Dion Lee. While fashion pundits were rooting for this beauty and her choice of attire for the night, Twitterati was busy mocking her for the same. Twitter is more of a battlefield these days. The social media field that was designed as a platform to have discussions and debates, is more of a mockery world now. If a mother can get trolled for kissing her daughter, we better not comment on which world we are living. Priyanka Chopra’s Recent Appearance at the New York Fashion Week Proves That Slaying Comes Naturally to Her - View Pics.

Okay, we understand when you troll a horrendous outfit or the ones that are really quite amusing. But Priyanka's outfit was way beyond than any of this. It was chic and oh-so-classy. Yet Twitterati found a way to mock this talented actress and we hope she doesn't lose her cool. Priyanka Chopra Approves of This Nickname Given to Her and Nick Jonas by Fans.

Check out some of the tweets regarding the same that don't really make any sense.


Do these trolls really make any sense? Well, that's a topic that will consume an entire day if we sit and decide to discuss it. While Twitterati believes in having fun at someone else's expense, it's time they refrain from doing so. We can't expect our celebs to take everything with a pinch of salt every time.