Sonam Kapoor Says, ‘I’m Never Flying British Airways’, After They Lose Her Bags for the Second Time
Sonam Kapoor (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Whether it is about Bollywood, trolls or ongoing issues in the country, Sonam Kapoor does not hesitate to voice her opinion. She does not fear to lash out at those things that are incorrect. The actress has lost her cool after the disaster that British Airways did, and it’s not once but twice. Sonam is highly miffed with British Airways services for losing her bags for the second time and that too in the same month. JNU Violence: Sonam Kapoor Takes a Stand Against ‘The Right-Wing Extreme Ideology’ in Her Instagram Story.

Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter and wrote, “This is the third time ive traveled @British_Airways this month and the second time they’ve lost my bags. I think I’ve learnt my lesson. I’m never flying @British_Airways again.” The airlines even responded to her tweet apologising for what happened. British Airways on their Twitter page wrote back to Sonam saying, “We're sorry to hear about the delay to your luggage, Sonam. Have you been provided with a tracking reference when informed at the airport? Cody.” But that did not help the Bollywood actress change her decision. She responded, “Yes all that is done. But it is a massive inconvenience. You guys need to step up. It’s terrible service and terrible mismanagement.”

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Although British Airways has assured that they would track and return Sonam Kapoor’s bags at the earliest, the actress still labels their service and management as ‘terrible’.