Twinkle Khanna Deletes Her Tweet of the 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' Tee, Looks Like 'Orange' Doesn't Keep Trolls at Bay as Advised by Her
Twinkle Khanna deletes her tweet about 'Main Bhi Chowkidaar' tee.

Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs Funnybones is known for her wit whether it is in her books or the columns she pens down for media outlets. In her recent column for Times of India, Twinkle made a statement on the current political atmosphere. While Twinkle's husband Akshay Kumar has in the past shown outright support towards PM Narendra Modi and his party, Twinkle had rather interesting things to point out in her recent write-up where she hinted at them the as the 'Orange Tee Party' and even went on to say, "In the good old days, we were all told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but today it is only an orange a day that may keep trolls at bay!"Akshay Kumar Congratulates The Scientists at ISRO For Successful Execution of 'Mission Shakti'.

But that's not all. In her column, Twinkle mentioned about the 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' tee and how it is currently a 'safe garment' to wear. Later, the author even took to Twitter to share a picture of the T-Shirt which she stated was bought by her cousin. Although, moments later, she deleted the tweet from her account and we wonder what the story is behind that. Akshay Kumar May Not Fear Fire, but Mrs Funnybones Aka Twinkle Khanna Can Leave Him Terrified.

Here's Twinkle Khanna's post about her column:

We wonder if Twinkle feared that a picture of that 'Orange tee' may not be a savior from the trolls after all. Before getting herself involved in the ugly mess of internet trolls for her words about the current political scenario, the actress may have found it easier to get rid of the said tweet. The Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are around the corner and it certainly may not be the right time to give out some political advise we say!