Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Visible ‘Penis’ in This Bluray Clip of the Terminator Raises Some Hilarious Memes and Jokes on Twitter
Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator (Photo Credits: YouTube)

The 1984 film The Terminator is considered as a revolutionary piece of cinema when it comes to sci-fi-genre. It is, more or less, the breakout movie for its lead stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger (along with Conan the Barbarian), the former Governor of California and one of the most followed action stars across the world. While he had acted in films before The Terminator, it is the antagonistic role of time-travelling murderous cyborg in the James Cameron film that made him a popular name worldwide. Terminator: Dark Fate Star Linda Hamilton Says She Has Not Had Sex in 15 Years

If you have watched this classic, you probably remember his intro scene in The Terminator. The actor appears naked when his character makes a sudden appearance in the present times from the future in the first act of the movie. If you have watched the film in a normal print or in theatre, most of his errrr... private portions, is shrouded in darkness save for his buttocks.

But if you are seeing the film in Bluray, then you can see a bit of Mr Schwarzenegger. Like how Beelzebrad Miska shared this gif from a Bluray clip of the above scene, where you can clearly see Arnold and his ah, little 'Arnold'. Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Arnold Schwarzenegger As T-800 And Linda Hamilton As Sarah Connor Reunite For The Battle of The Enhanced Machines.

Beelzebrad himself raises so many questions on this scene, something even we want answers for.

And as expected, the clip has raised some very funny observations and jokes on Twitter.

Batman: Damned!

Now We Know Why!


James Cameron, Please Answer!

So Time-travelling Cyborgs Lost Their Charm?

Bluray Sales Gonna Go Higher!

Did Anyone Get a Craving for Hotdog?

Wonder What Mr Arnie Has To Say On This!

You Just Ruined That Baby Elephant Gif For Us!

You can watch the video of the above scene here (though not in Bluray):

While Arnold had played the main antagonist in the first Terminator movie, he had played the good cyborg in the sequels, including the highly acclaimed Terminator 2: Judgement Day. He will be also seen in a smaller role in the upcoming film, Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth movie in the franchise that also marks the return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, after being absent from the series since T2.