Ryan Reynolds Sends Love To The Fan Who Pranked Avengers: Endgame On Behalf Of Deadpool - View His Gift!
Ryan Reynolds sends love to the guy who pranked Avengers: Endgame fans. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

Ryan Reynolds is happy with the work of the fan who pranked Avengers: Endgame fans in the cruellest way possible. In case you folks didn't come across the notoriety of this Twitter user going by the name AGuyInChair, who redirected AvengersEndgame.com to a Deadpool website. And now he has received an appreciation gift from Ryan Reynolds, who plays the mercenary on the silver screen, which he'd rather trade for AvengersEndgame tickets!

Taking to Twitter, the user shared the story of how the user received a package from Ryan Reynolds and wrote, “Package from @VancityReynolds just arrived! Wow! This thing is beautiful!!! ... And I will trade it immediately for 2 tickets to the #AvengersEndgame premiere! Any takers?,” the person wrote. The photos attached show merchandise from Aviation Gin, a company that Reynolds owns. “Holy crap! There’s stuff inside too! (These have got to be worth two tickets, right?) They’re from Canada! Or a Canadian at the very least!!”

Reynolds also responded to the fan by tweeting, “This isn’t to say I’m proud of what you did. Just that I happen to love you.” Well, anyone who is notorious enough to steal the limelight and prank his/her colleagues is a friend of Deadpool.

The actor recently released a PG-13 version of Deadpool with the title Once Upon a Deadpool. Box office proceeds from the film will be donated to a cancer charity. Ryan Reynolds will soon be seen (rather heard) in the upcoming live-action Pokemon film, Detective Pikachu. He will be voicing Pikachu.