Samuel L Jackson’s Fight against Alzheimer; a Disease That Afflicted Six Relatives of the MCU Star
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury (Photo Credits: @ComicBooksTalk)

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has said that Alzheimer's disease has ravaged his family. The actor has lent his support to a campaign to battle misconception that dementia is an inevitability of old age, reports He recalled that his mother, grandfather, aunts and uncles were all diagnosed with the form of dementia. Marvel’s Kevin Feige Receives Inaugural Stan Lee Award at 45th Saturn Awards.

Sharing his own personal experiences, Jackson said: "I've been surrounded by Alzheimer's most of my life. My grandfather was my best friend growing up, so it was heartbreaking for me to see him not know who I was. The same happened to my mother soon after she was diagnosed. Her mother had it, her brother had it, her sister had it, and so did my aunt on my father's side. Marvel Reveals Captain America’s Age in Avengers Endgame, Can You Guess How Old Was Steve Rogers in the End of the Film?

"It is so cruel having someone who has nurtured you and taken care of you reach a point where they can't even recall your name." Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviour.