To All The Boys I've Loved Before Actor Noah Centinoe Shares Gayatri Mantra On Twitter And Indians Are Going Crazy Tying to Figure Out Why
Photo Credit: Instagram/Noah Continoe

Noah Centinoe, who became everyone's favourite crush, rose to huge fame post Netflix's film To All The Boys I've Loved Before. So when a guy like him shares the Gayatri Mantra on Twitter, you can only imagine how mindblown his Indian fans would be. Indians have gone berserk trying to figure out why has he posted the mantra out of the blue. While some suspected that his account was hacked, some thought he is now a perfect Indian husband material. There are also those who just can't get over it. Noah Centineo Wraps Filming for ‘To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You’

So what actually transpired is someone tagged Noah Centinoe on a post on Twitter saying:" One day I'll retire to the cabin on the lake and I'll have a rowboat. Until then it's me versus the machine. Time to get a leisurely row in for those who can't. Looking @noahcent. Blessed." To this Noah responded saying this...

Check Out Noah's Response

Now this user who tagged Noah, has the same mantra on his Twitter bio. So our question is, does Noah know what he has tweeted?

While we figure that out, you check out the shock and awe reactions of Indians to the post...

It starts with shaadi ka rishta/khayal

Shock and awe

Like why and how?

The shaki Indian

Indian woman guide

Gaytri Mantra, YO!

Mom squad activated

Confused sperm!

Temple Run!

What did you feel after reading Noah's tweet? We were equally surprised and thought, these are some unattainable guys we will continue to fall hopelessly in love with. Gayatri mantra to the rescue then!