Sridevi Bungalow Teaser 2: Priya Prakash Varrier Starrer Showcases Her Character's Complicated Love Life (Watch Video)
Sridevi Bungalow second teaser. (Photo Credits: YouTube/Screengrab/SrideviBungalow)

The second teaser of Sridevi Bungalow starring Priya Prakash Varrier has now been released and it looks like the film is going to be a romantic thriller. The 19-year-old is set to make Bollywood with Prasanth Mambully's film. The first teaser of the film was highly criticised for showing a scene of the actress' feet hanging from a bathtub which was highly insensitive towards Bollywood Sridevi's death.

The second teaser shows Priya Varrier and actor Priyanshu Chatterjee's characters sharing a few romantic moments. From the look of it, the film seems like some romantic thriller that also has a negative character who is introduced in this teaser. Sridevi Bungalow Controversy: Priya Prakash Varrier Defends Her Movie, Says ‘Curiosity Surrounding the Trailer Is Good’.

Watch the trailer of Sridevi Bungalow here:

Ever since its announcement, the film has been surrounded by controversies. When actress Priya Varrier was asked about Sridevi Bungalow having any relation to the tragic death of the Bollywood actress, she said, "That is just an element that would make the audience want to watch the movie." Sridevi Bungalow Teaser: Priya Prakash Varrier’s Film Looks like a Distasteful Take On the Life and Death of Sridevi – Watch Video.

Earlier, Boney Kapoor had slammed a legal notice to the makers to change the movie title. The director Prasanth Mambully had then responded saying, “We received a legal notice from Mr. Boney Kapoor last week. And we will face it. My film is a suspense thriller. I told him that Sridevi is a common name. My film’s character also happens to be an actress. We will face it”.