Jasleen is washing her face in the basin and she is doing that rather aggressively because of which water is spilling all over. Rohit, Srishty and Urvashi, who are also there point this out to her, but she says the basin is small, so the water will spill all over. 

Karanvir tells Dipika that he is not sure if he can trust Sreesanth again because he is a kind of a man who can insult him again. Dipika agrees with him.

Sreesanth becomes the new captain of the house and then he decides to hug it out with Karanvir Bohra and apologises to him for his mistakes. Sreesanth even apologises to Rohit Suchanti also for the homophobic comments he made on him. 

After, buying amazing clothes and watching a stunning performance, it is time for the contestants to have some lip smacking food.  And, this wish is fulfiled as the renowned chef, Zorawar Kalra comes in with a delicious menu to be served to the contestants. But this too comes with a price. For the final round, the contestants have to give a reason on who they want support and only then they would get points to have the meal of their choice. This is also the deciding round. 

Dipika initiates a conversation with Sreesanth and tells him if he wants to talk about his behaviour during the luxury budget task. He is still throwing shade at her, and apologises to her for the sake of it. 

Next up is another ex-contestant and popular dancer Sapna Choudhary, who has entered the house. The contestants have to buy tickets from Sreesanth, to watch her electrifying dance performance. Sreesanth too fulfills everyone’s request. 

First up, is ex BIgg Boss contestant and glamourous actor Sana Khan who is selling beautiful designer clothes. Everyone runs to Jasleen for points and Jasleen obliges to their request. Everyone is happy with Jasleen’s gesture as they get to buy new clothes before Diwali. 

Mostly all the housemates wear Sreesanth's badge. Jasleen is convincing others to wear the badge of her name. Jasleen tells Karanvir to change it, and he tells her it will depend on what she offers him in return. 

Bigg Boss adds a twist in this week’s captaincy task that is called – BB DIWALI MELA. For this, Bigg Boss has planned a fun filled day with entertaining activities  which needs everyone’s participation. 

As a part of the task, the contestants are given 2 badges with Jasleen and Sreesanth’s name on it. They have to wear the name badge of the person they are supporting. Jasleen and Sreesanth are given 1,50,000 points each which can be used to buy things from the mela to lure the contestants to support them. 

Srishty was given the responsibility to get the housemates from the winning team of the luxury budget task to decide who will compete for the captaincy. After a lot of arguments, they decide that it will be Sreesanth and Jasleen. 

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Every week brings in a new ray of hope for the contestants as they aspire to be the captain. With Deepak’s captainship coming to an end, Jasleen and Sreesanth were nominated as the contenders for captaincy. While, the contestants had already started with their planning and plotting, Bigg Boss added a twist in this week’s captaincy task that was called – BB DIWALI MELA. For this, Bigg Boss had planned a fun filled day with entertaining activities which needed everyone’s participation. Bigg Boss 12: Hina Khan To Make An Appearance On The Show? Deets Inside.

As a result, we will see former contestants Sapna Choudhary and Sana Khan on tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12. Catch al the LIVE updates of tonight's telecast of Bigg Boss 12 right here.