Salman Khan is back with another episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar. The actor is in a mood to have fun again. The weekend episode also saw dynamics change inside the house. Contestants also hosted a roast inside the house. Some very lame and some very smart jibes will be thrown at the housemates from the very people they thought were their friends and family inside the house. Bigg Boss 14 November 27 Episode: From Jasmin Bhasin's Team Winning the Task to Bigg Boss Announcing No Captain this Week, 5 Major Highlights of BB 14.

Rift Between Jasmin And Rubina

Rubina calls Jasmin immature and that she has lost herself. Jasmin calls out Rubina. Rubina is upset that Jasmin said she's only friends with her because of Abhinav. Rubina asks Jasmin to stay quiet. Jasmin says Rubina talks as if she's her mother-in-law.

Contestants Pick Top 4

Contestants are asked to pick final 4 players. Salman projects Rubina on the list. The housemates have to pick the rest. Housemates are not able to make a unanimous decision.

Salman Announces Finale Week

Salman says that the finale week is the next week. He adds that only four contestants will move forward after the finale week. The housemates panic.

Rubina Confronts Kavita

Rubina and Jasmin get into a banter. Rubina walks out of the bedroom. She complains about Jasmin to Abhinav, which Aly overhears. Aly tells Rubina that Kavita has filled Jasmin's ears. Aly says that Jasmin was crying because Kavita told her that Rubina called her arrogant.

Rubina confronts Kavita. Kavita clarifies that she said Pavitra called her arrogant and Rubina said other things.


Contestants host a roasting task. Rubina says that she has heard all of Rahul Vaidya's songs but on mute. She says that Jasmin "aeda bana ke puri mithai ki dukaan kha jaati hai".

Rahul and Aly say that they don't understand why Abhinav keeps asking Rubina to use her brain as if she had a brain she wouldn't have married him. Aly says that Nikki looks like "Kiara Advani ki gale me Rakhi Sawant ki aawaaz aa gayi ho."

Jasmin says that people have dressing sense, but Rubina has dresses and she left her sense in Malad. "Even Ranveer Singh must be thinking that Rubina left him behind in dressing," Jasmin adds.

Kavita says that Jasmin and Aly look less like friends and more like jeth and choti bahu of the house. She adds that Aly had come to help Jasmin but now it seems like Jasmin is helping Aly.

Kavita and Rubina tie in the task.

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