Game of Thrones Spoilers without Context: Internet Comes Together for Inside Jokes on Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen – Read Tweets
Game of Thrones Spoilers (Photo Credits: Hotstar/Twitter)

The only thing that the internet can talk about right now is Game of Thrones season 8 premiere. From conspiracy theories to the scene dissections to memes and jokes, the internet is ever GoT haters worst nightmare right now. People are being fed with spoilers whether they like it or not. We all know at least one person who has refused to come online on any social media platform until they have watched the first episode of Game of Thrones 8 and learnt that Jon Snow finally knows about his father. Oops. Spoiler. Well, this Jon Snow revelation might have been a little too on the nose for a spoiler, internet's latest fad is giving out incomprehensible GoT spoilers.

So, there is this popular meme format where viewers give out spoilers but without any context. These spoilers are safe to consume by people who have not watched the movie/series as they won't understand a thing. But more than that, these spoilers are super fun for the ones who have watched the movie/series as they know what it means. It's like the entire coming together on an inside joke.

So, the following are the best spoilers without context for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 1:

The first trailer of the second episode of Game of Thrones 8 is also out. We learn from the new footage that the Night King with his army of the dead is just around the corner. Winterfell is gearing up for the Great War while Sansa is making plans to end Jaime and Cersei.