Ishqbaaz 2nd October 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivay Exposes Mohit Before The Media
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Mohit telling the audience that he is going to do his biggest disappearing act. Nancy realises that she has been caught red-handed by Shivay himself.

There Rudra panics as he tries calling Shivay before Mohit disappears forever. Om says that probably Shivay has got to Nancy before she escapes. They both go in to watch Mohit's act.

Mohit calls for a volunteer to give a sample of his disappearing act. Later he says that now he himself will disappear and no one will ever be able to find him. He tries pulling off the act but is not able to do that.

Soon Majnu presents himself onstage. Majnu says that he did not recognise Mohit like Mohit did not recognise him. Majnu reveals himself to be Shivay. He also calls upon Bhavya to bring in Nancy.

The media is shocked to see Nancy alive. Shivay reveals that Nancy is not Mohit's wife but Priya was. Priya was the girl who was actually murdered that night.

As it turns out Mohit was always planning this and so he ruined the cctv as soon as he entered Oberoi house. He then made Nancy throw herself on Shivay time and again. Later that party night he spiked everyone's drink so that no one remembered anything from the night.

He then brought Priya to the Oberoi house dressed like Nancy and killed her. Shivay reveals how he came across Nancy and also realised that his best friend was his greatest enemy.