Panchayat, Four More Shots Please!, Kota Factory, Fitrat: 7 Web Series That Will Make You Feel Better In These Trying Times
Panchayat, Kota Factory and Four More Shots Please! (Photo Credit: Twitter)

These are testing times. Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to be at homes for all hours. While the cases are mounting, we are doing our best to stay sane in such an adverse situation. It's grim and disappointing what with the migrant labourer crisis getting excruciating by the day. So you can see how hope is the one thing we are sourly missing. Fortunately for some, we have the luxury of the internet and smartphones which are entertaining us in such a situation. We understand how important it is to stay calm and not get rattled too much by what's happening around us. There are many web series to watch but if you are looking for a breather, here are seven web series that could help. From Kaun to Trapped, 7 Bollywood Movies You Should NOT Watch During Lockdown if You Get Our Gist

Panchayat - Amazon Prime Video

Jeetu Bhaiyya and his tale of being dumped in a rural area to be the secretary to a Panchayat pradhan is by far the best mood lifter you will watch in recent times. It's fun, funny and has some of the best actors in the cast. Be it Pradhan and Pradhan patni's (Raghuvir Yadav and Neena Gupta) banter or Vikas' matter of fact dialogue delivery, everything is just so real and sweet. A smile will be plastered on your face all through the episodes.

Ye Meri Family - TVF Play, Youtube

Simpler times when there were no mobile phones and VHS was our biggest desire. Music videos were the rage and cheering for Sachin Tendulkar a common thing. The 90s have been everyone's favourite decade because it's an emotion rather than an era. So Ye Meri Family will take you back in time when we were happily out and about with no social distancing. Good times!

Four More Shots, Please! - Amazon Prime Video

Slightly off-track, a bit trivial and a whole lot glamorous, Four More Shots, Please! is a perfect escape from everything. Four girls living life on their terms partying, boozing and not caring two hoots about what people think...quite liberating for sure.

Kota factory - TVF Play, Youtube

Many who have toiled hard while growing up to land in premiere institutions will always find someone to relate to in this show. That's exactly the reason why binge-watching this will take your mind off the present situation for a while. Relive your memories...that's still a non-lockdown zone!

Permanent Roommates - TVF Play, Youtube

Roommates are nightmares more often than not but what happens when you get a permanent one? Quite a dreadful thought, if you ask us. But you are also getting married to your roommate...sticky situation. This show is thus extremely recommended. Just watch it and you will know why we are saying so!

Little things - Netflix, Youtube

Little Things is everything that we Mumbaikars face, complain about and love too. The insecurities, the co-habitation and the demanding life of a live-in's exactly what life is in a metro like Mumbai. For a while, it will take you back to the time when Mumbai was not under a siege by a virus.

Fitrat - Alt Balaji

An unabashed and unapologetic Gold Digger woman as the lead... now that very rarely happens in the Indian entertainment scene. Fitrat is exactly that. Watch it for fun and for the way the lead character played by Krystle D'sSouza has been developed. Fascinating to say the least!