Patrick J Adams Hints Returning to Suits Season Finale but Without His Onscreen Love Interest Duchess Meghan

Washington D.C: Since Duchess Meghan is too busy with her baby and royal duties, she won't be joining former co-star Patrick J Adams on Suits' final season. However, Adman reassured the audience that this does not mean their characters Rachel and Mike's relationship is in danger. Both Meghan (Rachel) and Adams (Mike) left the popular TV show in 2018. At the end of season seven, Rachel lands a job in Seattle and moves there with her husband Mike. Suits Season 7 Promo: Get Ready To Watch Meghan Markle And Patrick J Adams One Last Time On The Show

Now that the actor is all set to feature in the show for one last time, Adam wants the viewers to know that Rachel and Mike are happy, Us Weekly reported. "We're happy. I promise you they're happy. For Mike, this is just a trip to New York. (They) are building their life together, it sounds like he's doing well," he asserted. Sharing a little more detail about the reel life couple staying in Seattle, the actor said, "It seems to me like Mike's in a great place. Whatever is happening in Seattle is really good."

There are phone calls with Rachel saying, Goodbye, I love you, and, you know, I think there's some obvious acknowledgement that she's still there and a part of the show."The actor announced his return to the popular show in June by posting a picture of his character from the show on Instagram with 'Mike returns to Suits The Final Season' written over it. It was announced in January that the legal drama was renewed for a final season which is scheduled to air in July.