Colors show Udaariyaan has another interesting drama in store for the viewers. As we already know, Tejo gets pregnant and breaks the news to Fateh. The duo is extremely happy about turning parents. They visit a hospital to get the reports done and see if everything is medically alright with Tejo and the baby is healthy. Udaariyaan Spoiler Update: Jasmine Gets Teased and Mocked, Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine in Colors’ Popular Drama.

However, when they reach the doctor and ask about the same, the doctor will inform them that there are complications involved in the pregnancy! Now Jasmine, on the other hand, suffers a miscarriage and she hides the truth from everyone as she does not want to lose Fateh. Tejo decides to confront Jasmine and gets a big clue about her. Udaariyaan Spoiler Update: Tejo Learns That Her Pregnancy Is Complicated; Fateh Gets Stunned!

Now there will be a huge twist coming in which will shake the plot of the show. Tejo will now plot a plan as she will come to know that Jasmine is faking her baby bump and will make a move to expose her! It will be interesting to see whether Tejo gets successful or falls flat on her face. Until then keep reading LatestLY for updates on all your favourite television shows!

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