Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26 July, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mishti Confronts Kuhu and Asks Her Why She Tried to Malign Her Name and Vows to Confess Her Feelings for Abir
Yeh Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke

In yesterday’s episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, we saw Abir vows to expose the culprit after Varsha confronts Mishti about the photographs. Today’s episode starts with Kuhu reminiscing what Kunal told her. Just then she gets a call from a media person, that they came to know about the news that in her engagement day Kunal was with his ex-girlfriend. Kuhu chides at the reporter and defends Kunal. The reporter tells that they have even spoken to her sister, who told that she had not sent the photos and they had told her to see her mail at timestamp from which she will come to know who has done this. Kuhu gets panics and goes and opens the timestamp to change it. Kuhu calls Meenakshi to ask how to operate it, Just then Mishti (Rhea Sharma) comes and ask her why she did this conspiracy against her and reveals her that she had spoken to her as a reporter to find out the truth. Meenakshi goes to Kunal and asks him to listen to the conversation which is going on between Kuhu and Mishti. Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke July 25, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Abir Refuses to Believe That Mishti Tried to Blackmail Kunal with Shweta’s Pics.

There Kuhu questions Mishti of all the boys in the world, why did she have to love Abir (Shahee Sheikh) only. Mishti is stunned as to how Kuhu knows about her feelings. Kuhu says the whole day she talks about Abir and that Kunal and Meenakshi will never accept this alliance. Kuhu tells that she does not want her to come with her in the Rajvansh. They squabble with each other. Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke July 24, 2019, Written Update Full Episode: Kunal Tells Kuhu That Mishti Has Been Blackmailing Him With His Ex-Lover Shweta’s Pictures.

On the other side, Kunal and Meenakshi is on the way to the Maheswari’s house. Kuhu tells Mishti to step back or else she will never let Abir and her be one. Mishti challenges her that she and Abir will be one and she can do whatever she wants to do. Mishti tells that she will tell Abir what she feels for him and reveals that she loves him a lot. Mishti tells that she was silent as she did not want Kuhu’s relation to being spoilt but now she will not care for her. Mishti says she and Abir will get together and make two families together. Jasmeet comes to inform Kuhu that Kunal and come down, she goes down. Mishti gets emotional as to why Kuhu hurt her feelings. Mishti thinks she will tell Abir how much she loves him.

Meanwhile, Abir asks dadaji why is Parul looking so tensed. Dadaji says there is nothing she might be busy in some work. Dadaji asks what is going on between him and Mishti. In the Maheswari’s, Kunal asks apology from all for his behavior and tells sorry to Mishti. Kunal asks permission to take Kuhu out with him. Back, in the Rajvansh, Abir tells dadaji that he suspects that Meenakshi had done these all, as she wants to break Kunal and Kuhu’s alliance.

In the Maheshwari’s, all are preparing for Kuhu’s sangeet and discussing what dance they should perform. Mishti calls Abir and tells him that she wants to tell him something important about his painting. Mishti wants to tell Abir how much she loves him but is not able to gather words.

In the precap, Mishti expressed her feelings to Abir and tells him that she loves him.