Bothered by Google's Location Tracking? Here's How to Turn It Off Completely
Google Maps (Photo Credit The Verge)

California, August 14: Google's location tracking feature has again come under the scanner after it was found that the feature continues to monitor your searches, voice activity, and location even after you manually turn it off.

The location tracking feature is crucial to a lot of apps such as cab-hailing apps, food ordering, maps, and so on. Google maintains that the feature is important to keep improving the user experience. According to Cnet, while Google allows you to turn off Location History, it does not necessarily turn it off for other apps which may retain data of users' location. If you want to turn off the location tracking feature, you can do so but you must remember that location-based services, including finding your device, will be disabled. To fully disable Google location tracking, you will need to disable a setting called Web & App Activity.

On Android app, go to Settings, then tap on Google -->Google Account -->Data & personalization--> Web & App activity and toggle it off. For desktop, you can sign into your account and then go to Personal info & activity --> My Activity and then from Activity controls toggle off Web & App Activity and Location History. If you want to enable the location services, you can follow the same process and turn on the feature.