New Delhi, June 27: A high alert was sounded by the government of Delhi in wake of the "tiddi dal" attack in national capital region. The swarm of locusts were seen in Gurugram and other outskirts of the city, which sent an alarm bell to the authorities. An advisory was issued by the government, tasking district magistrates to ward off the threat posed by the wave of insects. Locust Attack: Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai Calls Emergency Meeting.

The DMs were asked to remain on "high alert" and co-ordinate with the Fire Brigade Department to spray pesticides and insecticides in all parts of the capital where the swarm of locusts arrive. A particular swarm is expected to be comprised of around 1 lakh locusts.

"District Magistrates are advised to deploy adequate staff to make all possible arrangement for guiding people to distract locusts by making high decibel sound through beating of drums/utensils, playing high volume music on DJs, burning firecrackers and neem leaves," the advisory stated.

Read Full Advisory Issued by Delhi Govt

"A small swarm of locusts has entered the Delhi border. South and West districts have been put on high alert. We have also issued advisory to all district authorities to contain the spread of locusts," Delhi Environment  Minister Gopal Rai said.

Four Steps Suggested in Delhi Govt Advisory

  • Keep doors and windows closed.
  • May cover outdoor plants with plastic sheets.
  • Swarms usually fly in day time and rest during night. Therefore, should not be allowed to rest during night time.
  • Night spray of malathion or chlorpyriphos is useful. May use PPE kit while spraying for safety.

The desert locusts wreaked havoc in neighbouring Pakistan, where hectares of harvestable farmland were damaged by the grain-eating insects. The swarms flew towards border region of Rajasthan and Punjab last month, but did not cause large-scale damage due to timely intervention by the authorities.

Apart from Delhi, the swarm of locusts has also affected Haryana, where the government is taking all possible measures to prevent large-scale damage to farmlands.

"Since last six months, we were expecting the swarm of locusts to come here, it came here 2-3 days back from Pakistan. It entered into the state last evening through Mahendragarh and settled near Jatusana in between 7 to 8 pm," said JP Dalal, Haryana Agriculture Minister.

"We had taken all precautionary measures like arranging lights and fire brigade to drive locusts away. Throughout night we've been successful in destroying one-third of locusts in that area. Our officials have issued advisories across the state to remain alert," the Minister added.

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