Rajinikanth of Uttar Pradesh Climbs With National Flag on Yamuna Bridge, Says Will Pray to 'Chandradev' Till Contact with Chandrayaan is Established
Yamuna Bridge in Prayagraj and Chandrayaan 2. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Lucknow, September 17: In a shocking incident, a man named Rajnikanth -- hailing from Manda Police Station area in Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh -- created a high-voltage drama after he climbed on the Yamuna Bridge with a national flag. The Rajinikanth of Uttar Pradesh was claiming that he would pray to 'Chandradev' until contact with Chandrayaan is established.

According to the incident, Rajnikant created a scene on Monday in which he claimed on the pillars of Yamuna Bridge with a national flag. Due to this, movement on the bridge slowed down. Following this, police officials from Keedgunj police station also reach the spot. When police enquired the spectators, they came to know that Rajinikanth climbed on the pillar on Monday night at around 8 pm. Bull Semen Explosion in Farm Leaves Australian Firefighters in a 'Sticky' Situation (Watch Video).

Soon after this, police tried to convince to Rajinikanth to climb down from the bridge for hours. When every option failed to persuade him, Rajinikanth sent his message written on a metal plate. In the plate, it was written that he would climb down only when the connection with Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-2 is established. After hours of the failed attempt, police first disburse the spectators and then left without Rajinikanth at 11 pm.