Vijay Mallya Reaches Court For Extradition Case Hearing, Says 'Ready to Settle My Dues, Hope Court Considers My Offer'
Vijay Mallya outside the UK Westminster Court | (Photo Credits: ANI)

London, Sept 12: Ahead of the hearing in his extradition case underway at the UK Westminster Court, former liquor baron Vijay Mallya said he has a "comprehensive plan" for settlement of dues with the Indian banks.

Speaking to reporters, Mallya said he will submit the settlement plan before the court, hoping that the bench will consider its merit. The ex-Indian parliamentarian claimed that he has enough assets to repay the outstanding loan amount, provided the lenders reach a settlement.

"I have a comprehensive settlement plan. I'm ready to pay all my dues," Mallya said. On being asked whether he has the means to repay the massive amount of debt, the embattled businessman quipped, "Obviously, that is why a settlement offer has been made."

"I don't know what will happen...I hope the court considers it," he was further heard saying in his interaction with the press which lasted for few seconds.

The Westminster Court is scheduled to review the video of Arthur Road jail barrack where Indian agencies intends to lodge Mallya after his extradition. The blueprint of the jail, accessed by Indian media, shows a two-floor structure with western toilet, along with six tube lights, three fans and a 40-inch LCD TV.

Mallya's counsel had claimed before the bench that Indian jails deny basic human rights. To ascertain the charge, the court had asked the Indian agencies to submit a video of the barrack where the loan-fraud accused will be kept.