Posing with Marinated Chicken and Eating Spaghetti, Huma Qureshi Looks Deliciously Gorgeous in Her Recent Photo Shoot (View Pics)
Huma Qureshi for Cosmopolitan India (Photo Credits: Instagram)

While Huma Qureshi is busy receiving accolades for her debut web series, Leila, she's also simultaneously shooting for such amazing photoshoots. If posing in bikinis on beaches or flaunting some expensive designs is too cliche for you, Huma takes her love for photoshoots to a completely new level. The Jolly LLB 2 actress turns the cover girl for Cosmopolitan India's July issue and boy, those are some deliciously good looking pictures of hers. Who knew posing with marinated chicken or with a spaghetti bowl in your hand, could make for such gorgeous pictures? Huma Qureshi Says SHUSH to Sexist Comments and Patriarchy 'Leila' Style (Watch Video).

Inside pictures from Huma Qureshi's photoshoot for Cosmo India

Huma Qureshi for Cosmopolitan India (Photo Credits: Instagram)

We are being honest when we say that Cosmo India takes the least efforts when it comes to their magazine covers. They usually rely on their cover girls posing against a solid colour background and that's the end of it. However, with Huma's new set of pictures, we are glad to see a change and witness something creative from their side. Making your girl pose in a restaurant's kitchen is an innovative concept and we're glad for Huma signed up for it. Huma Qureshi Is Hanging Out with Robert Downey Jr in Her Instagram Picture but You Don’t Be Jealous.

Huma Qureshi's magazine cover

While the concept is refreshing, her expressions add a dollop of charm to her sultry pictures. Posing with a food bowl in her hand or standing tall beside a tray of marinated chicken is mind-boggling and only the ones with an eye for creative details would be able to strike a chord with it. Of course, the mag cover is very basic with Cosmo retaining its standard concept but the rest is alluring and we can't stop raving about it. Ask us to rate her new set of pictures and we'd say 10/10.