THINGS NOT TO BUY ON DHANTERAS: Dhanteras 2020 is only a few days and the excitement levels to celebrate the festival are sky-high. The festive event of Dhanteras will be observed on November 12, with Diwali set to be celebrated on November 14. The festival of Dhanteras is associated with wealth and prosperity. People buy a lot of things on this festive occasion and gift a lot too. But first, know what is the auspicious time to buy gold and know the Dhantrayodashi muhurat to purchase gold on Diwali and reason why buying gold, silver & new utensils are considered auspicious on Dhanatrayodashi!

However, not every item they buy or gift is considered good luck. If you are searching for items that one should avoid buying during Dhanteras to keep evils and bad luck at bay, then you have arrived at the right place. We, at LatestLY, bring you a list of items that you should not include in your Dhanteras 2020 shopping list.

Iron and Steel

Though buying utensils is considered to be lucky on Dhanteras, the utensils made of iron and steel are not said to be auspicious. You should instead buy utensils that are made up of copper, brass, mud, or even wood. But you should surely avoid iron and steel utensils.

Black Clothes or Things

Black is usually considered to be dark and unlucky for the people in the Hindu community when it comes to religious rituals and traditions. So you should stay away from buying that is black in colour, be it a dress, furniture, mobile, or anything. It’s advisable to make such a purchase a day before or after Dhanteras.

Glass or Glass Items

Not many people know that glass is associated with Rahu, and hence should be avoided on the occasion of Dhanteras. If you have glass crockery or anything that is made up of glass at home or office, you can seal it away during this Dhanteras festival.


Festivals are a lot about gifts as well. People love to shower their loved ones and relatives with several gifts. But then, it is said that buying gifts on the festive event of Dhanteras doesn’t bring good fortune.


One of the most sought items during the times of festivals in India are cars. However, buying a car on Dhanteras doesn’t bring good luck. It is said that if you want to buy a car during these festive times, you should buy it a day before or after Dhanteras.

Dhanteras is one of the most-awaited festivals for the people of the Hindu community. It is said to bring in good luck, fortune, wealth, health, and prosperity. The festival is celebrated a day before Diwali. With Dhanteras only a few days away, do ensure that shop the right stuff.

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