Easy Rangoli Ideas for Diwali 2018: Learn to Make Colourful Rangoli Designs and Patterns With Rice Grains and Pulses, Watch Videos
Rangoli designs with pulses and rice (Photo credits: Facebook and Instagram)

The colourful and vibrant vibe of the festival of Diwali is being felt all around, as all houses are decorated with colourful lamps. Called the festival of lights, Deepavali sees a wonderful atmosphere everywhere. People take extra efforts to make their abode look a little more special. From unique lanterns to stylish and fancy lamps, Diwali decorations are a must. It is a time for new beginnings and traditional rituals and puja are held to welcome wealth and prosperity. A very important element of Diwali decorations is making rangoli. Colourful rangoli designs and rangoli patterns are made outside the houses or in residential complexes to mark the festivities. There are various kinds of rangolis being made and it is quiet possible that your rangoli may look similar to someone else's. If you are looking for some unique rangoli designs then how about changing the basics? You could make rangoli with the help of food items like rice, grains and different coloured pulses to make it stand out. Diwali 2018: Which Card Games To Play This Festive Season? You Can Try Teen Patti, Poker, Rummy, Judgement, Bluff and Other Games This Festival Night! 

Women of the house gather together and make elaborate rangolis to make the decorations stand out. Rangolis add more creativity to the normal decorations with lamps and lights. There are different kinds of rangoli- those with dots, freehand rangolis, floral rangolis etc. But you can sure ditch the rangoli colour powders for once and opt for rangolis made with pulses and grains. We give you some DIY videos of easy rangoli patterns which you can utilise for Diwali 2018. Simple Rangoli Patterns With Marigold Flowers for Deepavali Festival (Watch DIY Videos).

Easy Rangoli Designs With Pulses for Diwali 2018

Rangoli for Puja Thali decoration

Colourful Rangoli With Grains

Pulses Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Rangoli with Coloured Rice

These are some of the rangoli designs which you can make with foodgrains and pulses and totally make your rangolis unique. Be it for decorating your puja thali or making designs outside your house, opt for such unique rangoli patterns and impress your near and dear ones. Wish you all a happy and colourful Diwali!