Happy International Men's Day 2021! Like International Women's Day, International Men's Day is celebrated every year on November 19. This day is mainly celebrated to protect men from discrimination, exploitation, oppression, violence and inequality. International Men's Day is celebrated in 80 countries and it is also supported by UNESCO. The main objectives behind celebrating International Men's Day are the mental health of men, appreciation of positive qualities of masculinity, gender equality etc. International Men's Day was first celebrated in India on November 19 in 2007. Let's discuss the history, importance and some interesting facts related to men. 'When Is Men's Day?' Has Been the Most-Searched Query on International Women’s Day! Here Are All the Details You Need to Know.

International Men's Day 2021 Date, Theme & Significance

In 1923, some men demanded that February 23 be celebrated as International Men's Day on the lines of International Women's Day. After this, in 1968, American journalist John P. Harris, writing an article, said that the Soviet system lacked balance. This system celebrates International Day for women but it does not celebrate any kind of day for men. After this, on November 19 1999, the people of Trinidad and Tobago celebrated International Men's Day for the first time. Dr. Jerome Tilak Singh made a lot of efforts to bring the contributions of men into the mainstream society. Since then, on November 19, International Men's Day is celebrated all over the world on his father's birthday.

Importance of International Men's Day

International Men's Day is mainly celebrated to focus on the health of men and boys, improve gender relations, promote gender equality and highlight male role models. According to the website of International Mens Day, 3 times more men commit suicide than women in the world. One in 3 men is a victim of domestic violence. Males die 4 to 5 years earlier than females. Men are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as women. Men's Day works on the positive aspects of the identity of men.

International Men's Day is celebrated in different ways. If you want to celebrate International Men's Day, start from your home. Make the male members of the house feel special. Tell them why they are a role model for you and this household.

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