Son and Daughter Day 2018 Date: What, Where & How is it Celebrated in the United States
Son and Daughter Day 2018. (Photo Credits: White 77/Pixabay)

Each year on August 11, the United States celebrates Son and Daughter Day and it is declared as an unofficial holiday. The purpose of this holiday is for parents to celebrate their children and to show them love and appreciation. Parents all over the United States take time out of their busy schedules to show their children just how much they mean to them. This day is the perfect opportunity to set aside some time to reflect on the joy that children bring to your life.

A bond between children and their parents is irreplaceable and is above all the relations that are celebrated across the world. Children bring their parents the utmost joy and happiness, while for children their parents form the pillars in their lives. The origin of the day, however, is unknown. Although some people believe that the holiday may have begun during the 1990s.

How is the Son and Daughter Day celebrated? Parents take their younger children to parks, zoos or out for any fun outdoor activity. They also visit a museum, movies or art gallery or just spend time together doing what they like to do the most. Also, if you don’t have children, that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate this day. Shower gifts and your affection on your nieces and nephews.

Celebrate the day with your children and let them know just how much you love them. It is a great day for parents to connect and reconnect with their children in the most meaningful way. If your children are away from you, call or message them and let them know how much you miss them. Although the day is celebrated in the US, people worldwide can observe this special day.