Thanksgiving in US vs Thanksgiving in Canada: From Date to Significance to Celebrations, What Is the Difference?
Happy Thanksgiving Day (Photo Credits: pxhere)

It is that time of the year when we hear people giving thanks, relishing turkeys and enjoying the holiday season, especially in the west. Thanksgiving is here. People in America are gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving 2019 on November 28. A national holiday in America, Canada, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia, Thanksgiving is said to be a harvest festival that offers sacrifice and thanks for the previous year’s yields. Even though this festival is widely celebrated in different countries, there is a stark difference between Thanksgiving in the United States and that in Canada. From its date to the reason behind this celebration and more, various things make this holiday stand apart.

Thanksgiving is an annual celebration which occurs during the onset of winter and is the festival that sets the mood for Christmas celebrations in the US and Canada. While Thanksgiving celebrations have always had some sort of stories rooted in religious history, it has become a predominantly secular celebration in the US. As we prepare to celebrate this important festival, here are the factors that differentiate Thanksgiving in the US from Canada!

When Is Thanksgiving Celebrated in America vs Canada?

To begin with, Thanksgiving celebrations in Canada take place almost two months before the celebration in the US. People in Canada observe the second Monday in October as Thanksgiving while folks in the United States celebrate this festival on the fourth Thursday of November. The Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated on October 14, 2019, while the American one will be commemorated on November 28, 2019. Turkey Pardon: What Is The Thanksgiving Tradition And What Happens to Those Birds?

Why Is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

The reason behind Thanksgiving celebrations is also predominantly different in these neighbouring countries. While the celebrations in Canada are mainly focused on giving thanks to the close of the harvest season, the reasons behind the celebrations in the US are quite different, and highly debated. While Thanksgiving is a harvest festival in the US as well, the celebrations also date back to the first feast of the Pilgrims in the New World. However, some Native Americans consider this aspect of Thanksgiving celebration to be a negative annotation, as it set the premise for a devastating war. Thanksgiving 2019: Why is Turkey a Specific Delicacy For This Feast Dinner?

How is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

Thanksgiving celebrations in Canada include a national holiday for people to enjoy some time with friends and family on the second Monday of October every year. However, the celebration sets a longer holiday season in the US as people enjoy leaves on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day and on Monday as well. Thanksgiving celebration in the US revolves around making the lavish feast with the turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and more. The massive multi-course meal is enjoyed with friends and family and many believe that Thanksgiving celebrations set the premise for beginning Christmas preparations. Thanksgiving 2019 Weird Dishes: From Seafoam Salad to Coca-Cola Salad, Americans Share Traditional Family Sides Served at Meals.

In Canada, Thanksgiving celebrations include this traditional meal, and also add to it the fall festive decorations being put up and Canadians begin celebrating this festival in the weekend before Thanksgiving Monday! The main idea behind Thanksgiving celebrations in both the US and Canada is giving back and thanking the nature for blessing us with another year of fruitful production and, thereby, prosperity. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy American Thanksgiving in advance!