Rainforests are forests characterized by continuous and high rainfall which is extremely important for the ecosystem. Rainforests are important for the survival of life on Earth. There are two types of rainforests, tropical and temperate. The tropical rainforests are found closer to the equator where the land is warm while the temperate rainforests are found further south or north of the equator near the cooler coastal areas. Tropical rainforests are hot compared to temperate rainforests; however, it rains all year long. However, to celebrate the existence of rainforests, World Rainforest Day is observed by millions across the world on June 22.

The day is also celebrated to create and raise awareness among the masses regarding the preservation of pristine ecological spaces. The rainforests play an important role in maintaining the climate balance on Earth. They also provide us with many resources like fresh water and clean air by absorbing harmful gases including carbon dioxide. The tropical rainforests are called the ‘World’s Largest Pharmacy’ because people have discovered over one-quarter of natural medicines from there. They are also responsible for 28 percent of the world’s oxygen turnover. However, as per worldrainforestday.org, due to deforestation as an area, as much as 1 billion hectares from tropical forests have been destroyed.

The Theme of World Rainforest Day 2021

This year, the theme of World Rainforest Day has been finalised as ‘Protected Together. Now. Forever.’

History of World Rainforest Day

In 2017, the very first World Rainforest Day was celebrated on June 22. It was introduced through the efforts and collaboration of groups called the Rainforest Partnership. The main objective behind the move was to save the world’s rainforests, which are a crucial part of the ecosystem.

Significance of World Rainforest Day

To promote methods and strategies for the preservation of rainforests people across the globe unite on this occasion as a part of various events and campaigns.

Although, this year physical events will not be held due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But people have been asked to participate in virtual events to highlight the importance of saving the world’s rainforests.

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