Mooli Ka Paratha is Essential in Winter; Here's Why You Should Eat Radish For Good Health This Season
Mooli ka Paratha (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Radish, which is known as mooli in Hindi, is a winter favourite root vegetable. Mooli is eaten raw as a part of a salad or in the form of pickle. The most popular is Mooli ka Paratha, which tastes extremely yummy and is one of the best food items you should try this winter for good health. In the below article, we will explore the health benefits of radish and throw light on why you should incorporate this vegetable in your meal in winters. Best Winter Foods to Boost Your Immunity and Keep You Protected From Cough, Cold and Other Diseases.

Speaking about Mooli Paratha, it is rich in carbohydrates. One mooli paratha consists of 78 calories, which constitute four percent of your required total daily calorie intake i.e. 2,000 calories. Radish helps in battling free radicals present in the body due to the presence of Vitamin C. Radish also promotes good skin as it produces collagen in the body. Winter Wellness Tips: How to Use Chai to Lose Weight and Get Healthier This Winter.

Stuffed Mooli Paratha Recipe

Why Radish Should Be Eaten in Winter

One of the best reasons to eat mooli this winter is that it helps to clear mucus from the throat and respiratory tracts due to its anti-congestive property. Therefore, radish can help cure ailments like cold and cough. It is also loaded with Vitamin A, C, E, B6, potassium and other minerals, which make it the best vegetable for boosting immunity.

Eating radish can also improve the bowel system as it is rich in fibre. Skin dryness and dullness problem can also be solved by just including radish in your daily meal, this is due to the presence of phosphorus and zinc.  Apart from that radish is high in water content and it will also keep your body hydrated in the dry winter season.