Homemade Tampons: Here's Why You Should NEVER Use DIY Tampons During Periods
DIY tampons (Photo Credits: Wiki)

DIY tampons are a thing now. While it is extremely sad that poverty has often lead to women resorting to rags, reused pieces of clothes and things such as hay, sawdust etc., some people also make homemade tampons often made out of crochet, cotton or other pieces of clothes at home. However, experts have suggested that one must avoid using tampons made at home as much as possible.

Unfortunately, using homemade tampons is becoming a trend and a potentially dangerous one at that.  While homemade tampons may sound safe, eco-friendly and affordable, it may not be one of the best decisions for your vaginal health though. Doctors have warned against these homemade tampons that are being sold on sites like Etsy.  The side-effects are so bad that they could even lead to deadly infections.

On Etsy, shoppers can buy makeshift menstrual products. One of the most popular products is easy DIY tampons. They are made out of rolled felt attached to a string. Some of the cotton cloth pads made out of colourful fabrics are also very popular amongst the buyers. However, experts have warned against these menstrual sanitary products. We have even mentioned earlier how crochet tampons are extremely bad for vaginal health.  Inserting Crochet Tampons Into Your Vagina as a Reusable, Eco-Friendly Alternative Is a BAD Idea!

Why are homemade tampons bad for you? Dr Gupta, the founder and CEO of NY-based Walk-in GYN Care, said to NYP that the "fringe hygiene trend risky". She said, "Theoretically all of these make sense, but we don’t really know the long-term effects. It’s true that these materials are 'natural,' but we don’t know how they behave for a period of time in the internal vaginal environment."

Not only that, there may be chances that they alter the pH level of your vaginal area. Some people may also be allergic to the products used. It is always advised that women use FDA approved sanitary products.