You must be washing your sheaths and floor from time to time. But what about cleaning the couches that you have been spending hours watching Netflix every day? This piece of furniture is of the most-used but least cared-for things in our homes. Sure, it is your space to sit back and relax, but it can also harbour a lot of germs. Are you unsure bout how to clean your lazy boy and your comfy sofas? Here's how to keep your couches free of bugs and in tip-top shape.

Right Way to Clean Different Types of Materials

First, give your couch a good vacuum, regardless of the fabric type at least once a month. Take all the cushions off and reach the vacuum cleaner along the base of your couch that collects all the coins and other missing objects. Do not forget to clean the areas underneath the sofa. To tackle any stains, you would want to use water or a cleansing product depending on the material of your couch. But before you get your hands on the products, be sure to check its label, so you don't end up destroying the material. COVID-19 Lockdown: Throw Pillows Are A Hotspot of Germs, Here's How To Clean the Most Overlooked Places in Your Home!

Leather Couch: Run a lightly dampened microfiber cloth over the stains. Please do not rub it vigorously. You may also use a leather cleaner if water doesn't do the trick. However, always check the manufacturer's guidelines. Bathroom Cleaning Hacks While Self-Isolating During COVID-19 Pandemic: Here's All You Need to Keep Your Toilet Germ-Free.

Fabric Couches: If the fabric is cotton or polyester, first check the manufacturer's guidelines. If you can use water, lightly dampen a microfiber cloth. If not, you can either use a microfiber cleaning product or lightly mist rubbing alcohol over and scrub with the rougher side of a sponge. Always work in small sections and let the alcohol dry. To fluff the fibres back up, use a bristle brush to restore the look of the fabric.

Tips to Tackle Deeper Stains

Treat deeper stains by first scraping any caked-on bits with a damp cloth or a stain remover. Be careful not to use too much stain remover as it can leave back a mark. You can also try using castile soap to put a small dot on the stain and then give it a good scrub with a cloth or a sponge. Your Nails can Harbour Germs, Here's How to Keep Them Clean to Prevent Being Infected of COVID-19.

Cleaning a couch does not have to be a daunting task at all. Just vacuum and keep these cleansing tips in mind, and you will be able to save your couch clean.

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