You are a hopeless romantic, but if you did not manage to save some money the last month, it could be not very easy for you to plan a staycation to express your love. So if your pockets are not prepared for Valentine's Day, here's how you can get crafty with your V-day gift. If you are looking for that inexpensive and sweet romantic gesture, we have got you plenty of cute ideas that will make your bae feel very special.

1. Decorate a Mug

Just grab some paintbrushes and write something lovey-dovey on their favourite mug. If you want to make the note permanent, bake the mug for 250 degrees in the oven for two yours. You will gift them a one-of-a-kind piece that will always remind them of you. Valentine's Day 2020: Let Your Partner Know You Love Them with These Delicious Recipes

2. Pen down Lyrics for A Song

You may be no poet or a lyricist, writing your feelings out on a paper can be a super-creative way to let someone know that they mean the world to you. You may not be able to get the words to music, but it can be super adorable to laugh at it together.

3. Cover the Room with Love-Note Filled Balloons

Scribble your feelings on a few cut-out papers and fill as many empty notes as you can with those rolled-up notes. Blow the balloons up and place them all ever the room. Your special one will be elated with the surprise. Valentine's Day 2020: From Strawberry to Cherry, Here Are 5 Romantic Fruits Which You Must Eat With Your Partner to Get in The Mood for Love

4. Layer Their Mirror with Sweet Post-It Notes

Write all the things you admire about them on colourful notes. If you want, you can also cut the post-it in heart shapes to take the entire feel up a notch. Valentine's Day 2020: Here's How You Can Say 'I Love You' in Geeky Ways

5. Fill a Jar with Date-Night Ideas

Brainstorm a bunch of exciting date ideas and write them all down in small chits. Fill a jar with the chits and ask them to pick one out. If they are not happy with the idea, let them choose another one and plan the night accordingly.

6. Surprise Them with a Candle-Light Dinner

If you are cooking a meal at home, do something with mood lighting. Nothing can be more romantic than candles. They will make everything feel very amorous, including the meal that you prepared with so much love.

Even if you do not want to prepare a full-fledged meal, raid up your pantry with something easy. You will win bonus points for any food you make into a heart shape.

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