Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Buttermilk or Chaas to Lose Weight (Watch Video)
Spiced buttermilk summer drink. (Photo Credits: Salt N Pepper/Facebook)

Healthy weight loss doesn't come easy. Right from a balanced diet that is rich in protein and fibre to exercise, a healthy weight loss is more of a lifestyle change altogether. However, a good diet is surely one of the most important part of the weight loss transition. After all, we are what we eat. And when we say diet, we don't mean that you deprive your body of food but, in fact, just change your food choices. Opt for foods that have the fat-burning agent.

These days dairy has become one of the worst enemies in the health world. Most health enthusiasts try to cut down on dairy and other dairy products and claim that it helps healthy weight loss. Well, that debate can go on but some dairy products are amazing for weight loss, for example, yoghurt and buttermilk. Let's discuss the ways buttermilk, that is also know as chhas or taak in Hindi, can help us lose weight.

How Can Buttermilk Help You Lose Weight?

Buttermilk also known as Chaas, Chhas, Tak or Chhach in India is essentially a by-product of butter-making. Once fermented cream or cultured cream is churned, we get the butter and the buttermilk separated. Some people also make buttermilk out of yoghurt mixed with water. Delicious and healthy spices is added to the mix, like crushed cumin aka jeera, green chillies ,freshly cut coriander and mint leaves, etc. The drink is not just low in fat but also calories. It is a great source of calcium sans calories. Rich in riboflavin, the drink is perfect for your gut health. A healthy stomach means improved weight loss. Apart from this buttermilk is also rich in minerals, potassium, magnesium, protein, etc. It is also known to keep you full for a long period unlike unhealthy carbs in turn making weight loss easier.

How To Make Buttermilk At Home (Watch Video):

Buttermilk has been consumed as an amazing summer cooler since forever in India. Not just weight loss, buttermilk is also known to curb acidity and maintain colon health. You can have a glass of buttermilk everyday after food, instead of caffeine-laden tea or coffee.