Gurugram, March 5: Five diners are believed to have become ill after eating supper and using a mouth freshener containing dry ice at an eatery in Gurugram, while the manager of the cafe is now under arrest, according to police on Tuesday, March 5. Five people were allegedly seen vomiting blood in a video of the incident that later went viral on social media. All five individuals were admitted to the hospital, while a couple of them are critically ill. An initial inquiry revealed that the Laforestta Cafe had offered them dry ice as a mouth freshener.

The diners reported to the police that they started feeling burning sensation in their mouths and started to puke up after consuming the mouth freshner. They said that they were throwing up blood, and water rinsing their lips did not assist with their case. Here,  we have brought everything you need to know about dry ice. Gurugram: Five People Hospitalised As They Vomit Blood After Eating Mouth Freshener in Restaurant (Watch Video). 

Five People Fall Sick As They Vomit Blood After Eating Mouth Freshener At Restaurant In Gurugram

What is Dry Ice?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all state that dry ice is a deadly chemical. It should never be handled even with "bare hands," let alone consumed. It "may cause severe damage to skin and internal organs" if handled or swallowed, according to these organisations.

The solid form of carbon dioxide, known as "dry ice," is frequently used to chill culinary items like ice cream and frozen desserts. It is often utilised for food products that require freezing or chilling without the requirement for mechanical cooling. But if not used correctly, it might harm people's health since it sublimates into a lot of carbon dioxide gas, which could cause dyspnea. It should thus be used or exposed to the open air in a well-ventilated area. Gurugram Shocker: Birthday Party Turns Deadly as Farmhouse Operator Killed By Locals Over Parking Dispute, Disturbing Video Surfaces.

FSSAI further requests that all State/UT Commissioners of Food Safety "launch a systematic campaign for generating awareness among all food business operators and citizens on the safe and proper handling of dry ice as cooling agent for food products."

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