Attitudes towards careers are also changing with the changing times. There is a growing tendency to work in one's field of interest without going into engineering or medicine. Similarly, Jagdish Sambhaji Nikam from Nashik has started his journey towards achieving the goal of modeling in the field of photography.

Jagdish Sambhaji Nikam, a resident of Nashik, completed his schooling at Chhatrapati Shivaji Vidyalaya. After this he is studying in KVN Naik College for the first year in B.Com branch. Jagdish's father works as a supervisor in a private company. Ever since he was in school, Jagdish had a different hobby of doing photoshoots.

Aims to pursue a career in modeling from photography

While studying in college, Jagdish tried to create his image in various programs. Sometimes I did photography with my friend's camera and sometimes with my own mobile camera. For this, he created his own account on Facebook, sharing his own photos taken from different angles. He also created millions of followers while sharing concept photos. He also did a part-time job while studying XI-XII. At the same time, he continued to cultivate the hobby of doing photoshoots. This led him to pursue a career in modeling. Not only that, he participated in the show Dream of Nashik. He got a spontaneous response while doing a ramp walk. He also took care of the cast for a short film. So in the coming days the video will also appear in the songs. Jagdish has more than three and a half lakh followers on his Instagram account. He changed himself in order to pursue a career in modeling. Looking at YouTube, he finds himself focusing on a variety of photoshoot styles, hairstyles, mannerisms, stage daring, and more. He says that he is also getting support from his parents for this.


Aims to pursue a career in modeling out of a love of photography. He is also promoting various companies on Instagram. It is a different kind of happiness.