Propain has signed with the business mogul and both are looking forward to taking his music and brand into global territories. Music was something that Rap Phenom Propain’s heart was inclined towards since the time he was in middle school, making music with DJ Don, his childhood friend.

Propain’s life changed after he was invited to perform at the 'Houston for Haiti' concert powered by Platinum Selling Rap Legend BUN B who Propain respectfully refers to as “Uncle Bun”. After gaining the Co-Sign’s from both Scarface and Uncle Bun, Propain dived deeper into the industry and as of today he has reached a prominent position as an Artist and without a doubt, He’s has become Houston Hip Hop Royalty.

The latest news is that Chadd Black, who is known across the world as a business mogul and media maven, has “joined the journey”alongside Propain and both are looking forward to Propain’s ascension as not only a Rap Artist but a Power Playing Business Man as well.

Chadd Black, who is well-known for his ability to take brands from A to Z and for serving as The CEO of 713 Agency says:

“It’s bigger than the music itself when it comes to Propain. His versatility and willingness to remain Humble is the very element thats about catapult him into his new season. Stay Tuned!”