'My Boobs Were Trending on Twitter!' Billie Eilish Opens up About Being Sexualised After Her Tank Top Picture Went Viral
Billie Eilish For Elle (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Billie Eilish has made a space of her own in the music industry with off-beat songs such as "Bury a Friend," "You Should See Me in a Crown," and "Bad Guy," etc. And how can one forget to mention her unique and quirky oversized street style? There is so much to the 17-year-old that is worth mentioning but what exactly did trend on Twitter this June? HER BREASTS! Internet pervs commented on her boobs making their irrelevant and unwanted presence felt. However, in a recent interview will Elle, Billie finally spoke about how she felt in detail. She even went ahead to say that she might change her unique style as she turns 18. She was quoted saying, "My boobs were trending on Twitter! At number one! What is that?! Every outlet wrote about my boobs!"

She continued: "I'm gonna be a woman. I wanna show my body. What if I wanna make a video where I wanna look desirable? Not a porno! But I know it would be a huge thing. I know people will say, 'I’ve lost all respect for her.' I can’t win!" Billie Eilish Slams Nylon Germany Magazine for Using Her Photoshopped Image as Cover. 

To give you a little bit of a backstory, Billie was pictured sporting a tight tank top in June before her show in Nashville. And internet perverts wasted no time in commenting on her body with tweets that were sexual nature. The pictures garnered so many inappropriate comments from men that in no time Billie Eilish's "boobs" were on the top trend.

Take a Look At Billie Eilish on Elle's Cover:


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“I’ve gotten to a point where I’m finally okay,” @billieeilish told ELLE for our Women in Music issue. “It’s not because I’m famous. It’s not because I have a little more money. It’s so many different things: growing up, people coming into your life, certain people leaving your life. For anybody who isn’t doing well, it will get better. Have hope. I did this shit with fame riding on my shoulders. Being famous is great, but it was horrible for a year. Now I love what I do, and I’m me again. The good me. And I love the eyes on me.” Link in bio for the full #ELLEWIM cover story.⁣ ⁣ ELLE October 2019:⁣ Editor-in-chief: @ninagarcia⁣ Cover star: @billieeilish⁣ Written by: @evebarlow⁣ Photographer: @yvanfabing⁣ Stylist: @annatrevelyan⁣ Wearing: @louisvuitton, @cartier⁣ Hair: @tammyyi⁣ Makeup: @robrumseymua⁣ Manicure: @jolene.b.nails⁣ Set Design: Bryan Porter at Owl & the Elephant @daysofourslides

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Recently, Singer Billie Eilish was in the headlines after she was highly disappointed with a magazine that used an odd cover photo showcasing her as a bald, topless, cyborg-like person. The 17-year-old singer was featured on the cover of the Nylon Germany magazine which highlighted "digital prodigies.