Why do people like having sex in public or when they know the people in the other room can hear them? Well, one of the obvious answers is the thrill involved. But up to what extent can it go? Would people cheat for that thrill? Or maybe have sex while they know someone's watching them? There can be various reasons for that surrounds the whole thrill factor. But did you know that there is an actual fetish that involves enjoying outdoor sex? Yes. It is called agoraphobia. It is a kinky fetish that some people have where they like to have sex in the public. According to Urban Dictionary, it is defined as "Sexual arousal derived from open spaces or having sex in public", and you should know that it is illegal. So, do not attempt it! However, let's also discuss what can be other things that people can do to get that sexual high that definitely leads to an intense orgasm, but isn't always safe or ethical. Sex in Public! Drunk Couple Caught Getting Wild Outside a Florida Police Station Get a Room…In Jail!

Why Do People Like Having Sex In Public?

For some people, especially in countries like India, it the lack of proper access to a safe place for sex that leads to people having sex in public. The fear of parents or simply a frail understanding of control on sexual desires causes them to do so. Having said that, the psychological reasons is the excitement that causes the brain to release the neurohormone dopamine, the hormone released when we do something that is thrilling. Dopamine also impacts arousal and in turn, gives an intense orgasm.

What Are The Other Reasons?

It is not just sex in public but other thrilling experiments like having sex while someone's watching, or when they are in a place that can be accessed by anyone anytime gives them the excitement of being caught and this type of sex is usually extremely exciting and fun. However, the other reasons could be fulfilling a bucket list, feel free or have the fondness of getting naked amid open nature.

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