World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year to encourage awareness about the protection of the environment. Some of the primary issues that the Earth is currently facing include global warming, loss of wildlife habitat, marine pollution, overpopulation among others. Due to the current lockdown, the Earth has been going through a change due to lack of human intervention. However, this may not last long after things go back to normalcy. Many factors contributed to some of the recent changes that the Earth recently witnessed. From less travelling to relying on local stores, the demand for goods to be flown across seas fell considerably. This helped the local community survive on its own. Thoughtful Sayings on Environment and Nature to Show You Care for the Green Planet.

But as the lockdown ends, things may go back to the way it was, once again making it difficult for the Earth to breathe. However, following certain things that we currently practice even after coronavirus get wiped away, will ensure the pressure on the globe reduces. On World Environment Day 2020, here are five things you can make a part of your lifestyle and contribute towards a greener environment.

Grow Veggies at Home

Vegetables (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Most leafy vegetables can be grown at home if you get enough sunlight and some soil. From spinach, chillies, ginger, basil, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, etc, many fruits and vegetables can be easily grown at home. Becoming self-sufficient in certain areas will reduce the pressure on mother Earth, considering it is a collective effort.

Avoid Unnecessary Travel

Travelling (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

While travelling is almost an internet fad, you can reduce your carbon footprint by not travelling when not required. Although people are waiting for the lockdown to end so that they can go on holidays, it will once again add weight to the pressure the Earth has been enduring. Promote the use of bicycles to go to nearby places.

Buy More Local

Local goods (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

People often say what we want is not what we need. While lockdown may end in some months and things may go back to normalcy, essential goods is what we are all living on. And to help the local market, focusing on essential goods available near us will be helpful. Buy things from vegetable and fruit vendors near you, support a plant nursery, local bakeries and grocery stores.

Feed Animals

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Just like humans, animals and birds also have all rights to live on the Earth. They are part of our nature present in our environment. We have to co-exist and only that will keep the cycle going. Finds way in which you feed birds that arrive at your window sill. Spare a piece of bread for stray dogs and cats. Let keeping a tray of water outside homes become a norm. How to Take Care of Dogs During Quarantine? From Making Dog Homes to Letting Them Watch Movies, Pet Parents Share Pics & Videos of How They Spend With Time Their Pooches.

Plant Trees

Planting (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

There is no alternative to planting trees. They reduce carbon footprint, produce essentials, attract rain clouds, provides shelter to animals and birds and many other things. The only way to hope for a greener and cleaner environment is by planting trees that will provide a green cover tomorrow. Philippines New Law Asks Students to Plant 10 Trees If They Want to Graduate.

These are some of the simple ways that we tried to follow during the lockdown, but continuing this lifestyle will help us contribute to a greener environment. Promote greener habits and let these become a part of people's lifestyle.

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