'Age is just a number' is more than just a phrase and we have people proving it time and again. A recent video of a 68-year-old lady named Rekha Devbhankar set to travel to Vaishno Devi on a cycle has been shared online. A woman from Maharashtra's Khamgaon in Buldhana district has set out on her bicycle in July to reach Jammu and Kashmir and visit Vaishno Devi by cycling over 2,200 kms. A video of her talking to someone on the way has been shared online and in it, she shows complete courage that she will complete this journey. It is indeed inspiring to see her determination to make it through. Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Guidelines Ahead of Navratri 2020: Limit of Pilgrims Increased to 7,000 Per Day by Jammu And Kashmir Government.

Just a few weeks ago, we saw a video of another 68-year-old woman named Asha Ambade who trekked on the steep Harihar fort in Nashik. Now another Marathi woman seems to have taken some inspiration, but she sets on a much longer journey. A video shared by Twitter user Ratan Sharda shows the saree-clad woman proudly talking about her journey to a passerby. She says it is a distance of 2,200 kms that she will be covering on cycle. She also says that "Women should show the courage always." She then drank a little water from them. She also adds that she is alone on this journey and has packed her stuff, attached it on the carrier. The video is going viral as people are definitely impressed with her determination. Indian Woman Vedangi Kulkarni From Pune Becomes the Fastest Asian to Cycle the Globe.

As per certain local reports, she has left on July 24 and crossed Madhya Pradesh this week. She halts when it starts getting dark and covers almost 40 kms per day! She wants to give a message of peace and faith to everyone. She says that women should have the willpower and courage to achieve what they want.

Check The Video of Marathi Woman Cycling to Vaishno Devi:

The video has garnered over a 1.3 lakh views, 21,600 likes and close to 6,000 retweets. Some people replied that others should help her. Check some replies on the video:

More Power to Her

Love Her Determination

Such Wonders

So Inspiring

Salute to Her

People have appreciated her faith in Devi Maa and hoped that she always blessings by her side to complete her journey. Some enquired if there was any contact number to help her at pitstops but there has not been an update on that yet. This lady's faith and determination are indeed incredible.

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