It's almost the end of June in a week and Mumbai has started experiencing light showers. While most of us stay stuck at home now due to the lockdown situation, just staring out the window, looking at the rainy weather takes us to places we, unfortunately, cannot go this year. The heavy rains can be a nightmare for some Mumbaikars with the constant waterlogging and traffic woes, but this time most of us are going to miss that too. Monsoons in Mumbai give a feeling of mixed emotions, where everyone loves it as it starts, plans and takes road trips, weekend getaways, monsoon treks and then hoping for it to get over with after continuous lashing for days. This time, as most of us stay indoors, we look at the things that every Mumbaikar is going to miss during the rainy season. 10 Monsoon Memories That Will Make Every Desi 90s Kid Nostalgic.

1. Drive to Lonavala: 


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A little cloudy weather, a few drops of rain and every Mumbaikar hopes they could be transported to the nearest hill stations. Lonavala is among the most sought destinations for the monsoons, hardly 2-hour away. Just going on Tiger's Point, eating a bowl of hot Maggi and driving through the foggy mountain valleys is an experience that never gets old. But this time, you are going to have to see your old photos and videos instead.

2. No Monsoon Treks and Trails:


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It's a different joy altogether to go on monsoon treks. The paths may get slippery but climbing through the trails amid the light showers is a mesmerising experience. If you have been a regular trekker of the season, then we know the pain you have to sustain this time around.

3. Hanging Out at Marine Drives


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Another favourite spot of the citizens during the monsoons is Marine Drive. In fact, it's a favourite place no matter what the season. But to experience, the waves crashing during the rains is blissful for someone who just enjoys getting wet in the rain! The winds, the rains and just the spectacular Queen's Necklace area of Mumbai can make anyone feel dreamy. But, not this year.

4. Chai Pakoda or Bhutta at Roadside Stall


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Most of you must have cooked Bhajiya/Pakodas at home in lockdown, but there's no beating having a plate while you're getting wet and enjoying the cool breeze of the weather. Or even a sweet and spicy bhutta (corn cobb) and given that eating outside is not too safe, you will have to only make at home and eat these favourite monsoon specialities. Chai and Pakoras in the Rains: Why You Should Snack on These Monsoon Favourites (Watch Video).

5. No Train Delays / Wading Through Waterlogged Streets


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One thing that we would like to give amiss is wading through the waterlogged streets. For someone who has stayed in the city for long enough, they must have got stuck out of their homes during monsoons at least once. The long hour queues in traffic or train delays and struggling to make it home, we have all had our stories to tell.

These are just some of the things that a Mumbaikar will have to do without in this rainy season. While we all will love to be home minus the commuting, we would also love to be walking around Marine Drives or trekking through the nearby locations, won't we? But it is important to note that as long as we are home, we are safe and that should be our primary concern these days. So let us enjoy the rains from our respective windows and catch up with friends over video calls.

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