Happy Boss Day 2020, that's probably one of the things you can confidently say to your boss today, because there a lot more things you cannot! October 16 marks the celebration of National Boss's Day in the US, to pay honour to your senior or employers. It is a day to express your gratitude to your boss and convey your appreciation for them. No matter which field you are in, a boss will be a boss. Some may be friendly, some too strict, some barely give a smile. But in an employee-employer relation, there are some things which you just cannot say to your boss, unless you want to get fired! On Boss's Day 2020, we tell you eight things you should not say to your boss. Happy National Boss's Day 2020 Greetings & Messages: WhatsApp Stickers, HD Images, Facebook Status, Instagram Stories, Quotes, GIFs And SMS to Wish Your Manager.

10 Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Boss

1. Sorry I'm Late Because I am Not Supposed to Be Here

You may feel extremely lazy, wanting to curl up in bed or have a plan to go out. But you are at your workplace after much contemplation. While there can be excuses to give, don't say because you are not supposed to be here.

2. This is Not My Job

It could really not be your job, but you have to do it, when your boss tells you to do it. At every point, you may discover there are a lot of things that are your job, but its your boss who has to keep reminding you to do them. And from then on, they are your job. Look At The Commonly Used Words by Every Boss and What They Actually Mean.

3. I Didn't Check The Email 

If a lot of your work revolves around sending out emails and coordinating with the team, then not checking your email is a very lethargic excuse to make. Even if you haven't read the emails, try and get an idea from your colleagues before accepting that you have not done the basic work.

4. I am Bored

Your boss is not your friend to discuss your boredom with. So "I am bored' doesn't fit in well with a conversation with your boss. You could talk of how and why your work is affected but don't place outright boredom in front of your employers.

5. Office Gossip Session

As much as you'd want to reveal who is talking about whom behind the back, do not indulge in a gossip session about the team. It will only spoil your relation within the team and remember, the boss knows all!

6. K

Never reply in a manner that even irks you. Reply formally even if you are talking about something other than work. Writing 'K' is annoying and what exactly do you plan to do with the time you saved instead of writing "ok?"

7. No Offence, But...

Every sentence that begins with no offence is offensive and you should remind yourselves that you'd really want to offend your boss. So avoid saying things that you know will offend them for sure.

8. NO 

As much as you want to say No, Never, Not This Time and all kinds of negatives, No is in fact, the first thing that should have been on this list. So whenever a boss entitles you a task that you don't want to do, you end up doing it anyway. So no matter how much you say no, you may get more of it. Don't blatantly say a no, you could try to be subtle but no is not the word.

These are some of the things you should keep in mind, not just for today but all throughout the time of your career. One day you will grow up to be a boss, think about the things that you'd get from your employees then.


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