Onions are being sold upto 100 rupees per kg in many cities and with the prices higher than ever, Twitter is doing what it is best at! Churning out funny memes and jokes. Yes, right from the ones with Hera Pheri template to the legit Bahubali lifting onion instead of the shivling, people are coming up with hilarious posts to mark the dramatic surge in pricing in various Indian cities, especially Pune. It is in the past few days that the onion prices have spiked with over 10-11 rupees. While efforts are still underway to manage the conditions, Twitterati cannot help shed "bitter tears" online.

Funny onion prices memes and jokes have taken over social media and it is the most relatable thing you'll see today. Ever since the 90s whenever there was a surge in onion price, people would resort to jokes via the comic strips in newspaper taking a jibe at the situation. However, today it is way easier to do so. Right from netizens comparing onions to diamonds to talking about tax raids because of the staple veggie, here are some of the best memes and jokes about hight onion price:


Who Did This



However, on a little less light note, onion prices have surged dramatically in Pune after crops were damaged due to rainfall in various parts of the country following which consumers are forced to buy onions in less quantity. "Price has increased as supply from farms is affected due to rain. The price of onion that was around Rs 70/kg last week increased to Rs 120/kg today," a trader told ANI. In fact, it is impacting the buyers majorly after they are forced to buy onions in less quantity after a sudden price surge. Hence, the increase in prices has affected both traders and buyers.

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