Salt Bae Is Back! This Time Nusret Gökçe Is Experimenting With Cheese (Watch Video)
Salt Bae (Photo Credits: nusr_et Instagram)

Salt Bae is once back on the internet with his bizarre tricks. The chef had grabbed eyeballs a year ago when his salt sprinkling technique amused social media users. As his fame widened Nusret Gökçe who is also a butcher opened his restaurant in New York. While he has been receiving lukewarm reviews for his steak that has cheese in between, the man has come up with a new way to entertain people.

This time Nusret is garnishing meat with cheese standing on the first floor of a building. His dish sits on a table on the ground floor while he goes to the next level. From the balcony, he pours down cheese to the dish which falls exactly on the burger! Now that is some talent of sorts. Well, there are also claims that the video isn't real, we are not sure, either. An Owl With Two Mums and One Dad is Becoming an Internet Sensation, Watch Live Video of the Family

Watch Salt Bae's newest video here:


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Nusret Gökçe is the owner of Turkish steakhouse chain, Nusr-Et with outlets in Turkey and Dubai. Nusret carves meat with his own hands and is quite a pro at it. His Instagram videos show him operating knives with perfection. Nusret cooks and sells his original meat.

Women on social media were the first to declare Nusret as #SaltBae after the video of him sprinkling salt on meat using his forearm went viral. Many had then commended his culinary skills and thus his fame rose. A picture of him similarly garnishing meat in front of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio had gone viral.

Other than his meat business, Nusret is also said to be a fan of Johnny Depp or character of Marlon Brando in the movie The Godfather. Nusret is married, with nine children. After opening his first restaurant in 2010, the 34-year-old opened its branches in Istanbul, Ankara, Datca, Bodrum, and Dubai.