21 Feb, 21:14 (IST)

An off-duty cop couple was filmed stopping armed robbery while they were having a romantic date night. Identified as Chase and Nicole McKeown, both police officers, were captured enjoying their meal at a restaurant in Louisville, United States, when an armed robber entered.Watch Video:

21 Feb, 20:14 (IST)

This college baseball team had to clear the field before the game. So, they approached for a unique method to clear the field and the hilarious moment has taken over social media.Watch Video:

21 Feb, 18:54 (IST)

The Australian boy, Quaden Bayles who was bullied for his dwarfism has been invited to lead NRL All-Star Rugby Team in the next match.Watch Video:

21 Feb, 17:55 (IST)

It is Mahashivratri 2020 today. #JagoForShiva is currently trending on social media with users enjoying the celebrations of the Great Night of Shiva.Check Tweets:

21 Feb, 16:40 (IST)

A deaf boy who has Down syndrome immediately bonded with Disney performer at Disney World. Dressed in the costume of 'Joy' from Inside Out, the performer quickly got a hug from the 5-year-old fan at a theme park in Orlando, Florida.Watch Video:

21 Feb, 15:35 (IST)

A video of an interesting looking cat has come up on Twitter. The cat's nose has a pattern like another black cat on it. Check the video here:

21 Feb, 14:21 (IST)

A TikTok video of a little chubby child dressed as Lord Shiva is going viral. The video is just too cute.Watch the video here:

21 Feb, 13:17 (IST)

A woman's tweet about getting bad grades in school prompted a conversation and some perspective.Check the tweet here:

21 Feb, 11:58 (IST)

In Bangalore, there was a Zumba dance class organised for police officers of the North East division where all of them could unwind and forget their stress for a while. A video of these police officials dancing in this class has come up online.Watch video here:

21 Feb, 10:49 (IST)

Today marks the celebration of International Mother Language Day. On this day, Twitterati is celebrating the diversity in languages around the world.Check some tweets:

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It's the finally the day we all await, Friday or what we call it, the FRI-YAY! The weekend is always awaited and some of you in India might be enjoying the long weekend with the festive observance of Mahashivratri. But if you are all up and about to go to work today then we netizens are ready with Friday Motivation. #FridayFeeling is also among the top trend on Twitter with funny images and GIFs being shared online. We will keep you posted on all the trending topics, funny memes and viral videos on social media in this section.

February 21 marks a very important festive celebration of Mahashivratri. So wishes and messages of this festival will be shared online through the day. Devotees of Lord Shiva will pass on their greetings and wishes through and we will try and keep you updated with the related trends. It also happens to be the birthday of actor Sophie Turner. Fans of the actress are likely to trend her birthday wishes and shares best moments, photos. It is also National Caregivers Day today. The third Friday in February honours the health care professionals across the country providing long-term and hospice care. We will keep you updated if any of these trends.

Social media is such a great place to know what's happening where, what challenges are going viral and what is the latest meme format on the internet. Because all of these keep changing every few days and a few hashtags help to make it viral. In this section, we will try and keep a tab on what is trending where, what are the latest memes, viral videos that are keeping everyone entertained. So stay tuned with us. Have a happy weekend!